Is Drone With Me for me?

Our service will excite and delight:

  1. | Drone My Place

    The marketers & the persons who are moving out Want to never forget where you’ve been and lived? Need a video to get innovative marketing materials? Get views you can’t see otherwise. The drone will get you phenomenal images from the sky by taking the best shots of your place.

  2. | Drone My Event

    The event organizers A wedding? A very special Day? An event you want to remember forever? The drone will follow you, fly amongst your guests, and take the best shots of your day to immortalize the moment and emotions.

  3. | Drone My Sport

    The sport addicts, pros and amateurs Ski? Wakeboard? Cycling? Motorbike? Car race, and even more? The drone can follow you in action, from different angles, at different speed and provide the best views of your exploits wherever you go.

  4. | Drone My Concept

    The dreamers & entrepreneurs You have an idea? You want to use drones? You don’t master the technology? Our expertise in the drone technology will help you develop and achieve your goals. We meetup to setup the drone according to your needs and ideas of application.

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And for even more about us: The root of our motivation is to be found in our love for technological innovation. Indeed behind this entrepreneurship venture is hidden so much of what we have always liked: disruptive technologies. And that’s good because this is what we have always wanted to do. By launching this company we wanted to build a venture in which we believe above all. The drone technology is for us the technology of tomorrow, the technology of the century as the internet was the technology of the past century. We define the drone technology as totally disruptive as we believe that in the coming years this will be integrated in everybody’s life. Our goal is to become the reference from that stand point, and we aim at becoming the first and best drone service company. Unlike the big manufacturers such as Boeing or Airbus are to the air industry we don’t want to build drones we want to copycat the big airline companies such as Swiss, Lufthansa, American Airline providing services to private clients and businesses. Taking the plane with Swiss, Lufthansa or American Airline has become common since the last fifteen years and we envision the same life-changer technology shift to happen with the drones. But to achieve this, our ambitions are big: we see the drone technology becoming the service provider of the future and we want to be part of it. This is why we are offering a large range of services based on this incredible technology, ranging from marketing videos to promote hotels, to recording sport competition from unseen angles, passing by taking aerial picture of your house to never forget where you’ve been and lived. What we want to focus on is satisfying our clients whether businesses or retail to offer them the best of what the technology as to offer today. To its climax we aim at being a global player and quickly become internationally operational to focus and take advantage of all the possibilities the drone technology is capable of. We predict that our company will contribute in a movement that is bound to happen, which is already growing exponentially day after day and which will be democratized beyond imagination in the coming years. We are more than confident in our team and business partners. Having the right team is key and with electronic, IT and business background we believe that we have the best chances to succeed. Moreover to help us out in the setup of this innovative business we are in touch with expert in drones, law, marketing, and communication from the best firms worldwide. On top of that we already have key relationships with the Swiss Drone Association which goal is to democratize the civilian drone usage by organising events, providing business technology advices and government lobbying. We are dynamic, determined and passionate about what we do and clearly see the potential business opportunities, which are to be made. In other words, our team is determined to succeed whatever happens. Our team wants to innovate, create & build durable relationships with our clients in this exciting new technology business.

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