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About Us

We dedicate ourselves to offering you the best images through innovation in drone and vision products and top-quality services:

  • Drone My Place: Simply the best service to promote your place, to capture souvenirs of your home sweet home.
  • Drone My Event: The unique opportunity to promote your events like never before, to immortalize the most precious Day of a lifetime.
  • Drone My Sport: Finally the possibility to watch your exploits from the sky, capture a competition on the less accessible spots.
  • Drone My Concept: We are opening up an unprecendented era of aerial view for your needs, your ideas and own concepts.

How Does It Work?

  • Step 1: We drone you
    You contact our experts who will define the best drone and service for you, in line with your request.
  • Step 2: You pump the drone
    The drone will follow your actions, moves and special moments wherever you are
  • Step 3: We edit your precious dronments (optional)
    We beautify the video and pictures to select only those precious moments, to make them even more magic
  • Step 4: Visualize and experience again those strong emotions!

Feeling ready to get the best aerial shots?
Then, just one way to do it: contact us!


What We Do?

Drone With Me Services

Drone With Me Services

Our Mission

Have you ever wished to immortalize your most precious moments in a different way?
Or dreamed to be able to live those strong emotions again and again and share them with your friends and family?

Here we are! With Drone With Me you are offered a different way to capture those important life moments and experiences, thanks to a high definition camera that is fixed to a flying drone and that will follow you wherever you go.


Meet the Team

The force is strong with this one

Charlie Nguyen
Founder and CEO

Charlie is a Computer Science Engineer. He is the CEO and founder of Drone With Me.

Mohamed Koujili, PhD
Electronic Engineer

Mohamed has a PHD in Electronic and is the co-Founder of Drone With Me

Julien de Freitas
Finance Manager

Julien is an industrial engineer and the co-Founder of Drone With Me