Drone My Sport

alpes de haute provence 04 4159797510_a27e8477d9_o Surfing at the Big, Bad, & Ugly Surf Contest, in Morro Bay, CA 1

Drone my sport: another way to live the sport!

Are you an extreme sport addict, or do you enjoy experiencing extreme sensations?

Do you want to immortalize a special sport day?

Do you want to improve your level by watching your exploits?

Do you want to keep a special competition in mind?


If you answer “yes” to one of these questions, Drone With Me is for you!

With our system Follow Me, you just have to wear a bracelet connected directly to the drone, and you are sure to capture all your moves perfectly!

Better than a Go Pro, you can enjoy the environment of the video or photo, but we can also watch you in action at the same time!


Do not hesitate to try this new experience, you won’t regret!


How does it work? It is very easy!

Step 1: We drone you
- Contact and rent a Drone kit at: contact@dronewithme.com
– We send you a bracelet and a flying drone that includes a HD camera. The bracelet is interactive and connected to the drone directly, to ensure that you are the actor of your own shots.

Step 2: You pump the drone.
Thanks to its interactive system, the drone will follow your bracelet wherever you go with it. You are in action and want some special shots of you? Just press a button to control the drone position and angle: a 360 tour around me, a view from the front…

Step 3: We edit your precious dronments (optional)
You give us back the drone and bracelet for us to edit those magic moments.

Step 4: Visualize and experience again those strong emotions!


Better than words, let’s watch this video to understand you can’t miss this experience!


Why do you need Drone with me?

– You want to share your exploits and figures with your friends and families
– You want to improve your moves and need the best shots from close and far, or from different angles
– You simply want to live those extreme sensations from that special day again

To see more about the look and feel of our videos – click below: