Drone My Event

Drone my event, the best way to catch the moments of your life!

Do you want something special for a very special day of your life; Do you have an event that you will remember all your life?!

We can help you to make this day really special.

With the drone technology, we are able to provide videos and photos from a high perspective or even 360 shots.

This new way of recording the event of your life will allow you to keep amazing souvenirs that the others will never have. With Drone With Me, you can forget cliché photos!

Re-live your special day from the sky, and see your best moments in the heart of the action.


How does it work? It is very easy!

Step 1: Book your Drone specialist
- Contact him through: contact@dronewithme.com
- Book him from 1h to 1 day
- Align with him on logistic details, and specific views or people you want our Drone specialist to focus on.

Step 2: Enjoy your special day.
Don’t bother about anything, enjoy your precious moments and let your Drone specialist capture your day in video and pictures.

Step 3: We edit your precious dronments (optional)
Give us any specific requirements you may have:
- Black and white or color
- High resolution video and/or high resolution pictures.
Depending on the work requested, count 1 month for the full editing.

Step 4: Visualize and enjoy!


What is the difference between Drone with me and a regular photographer?

A totally new way of recording your moments, that enables you to have different views and angles to your movies and pictures: from the sky for a view of a landscape or of a crowd, from the side or from below to perfectly re transcript the setting, the venue and the emotions as they were on the D-Day.

To see more about the look and feel of our videos – click below: