Drone My concept

You have a brilliant idea? But you have no drone?

You want to have access to the highest drone technology?

Then we have the solution for you!

With Drone My Concept, you come with your idea, your concept, your vision and we will manage to work with you to realize your dream!

A drone during its flight is loaded with specific materials and sensors which could be: camera, multi spectral sensors, infrared, thermal sensors… The goal of drones is too easily capture aerial data that can be subsequently processed and analyzed (eg. orthophotos, digital elevation models, mapping, thermography, …).

With many different type of data that aerial drones can captures, applications in the civilian sector are infinite!

For your inspiration, we included below examples provided by our users, which demonstrate great and innovative applications that we can realize with the drone technology:

–        Drone which counts the number of houses for door to door commercial persons

–        Drone which sends atmospheric reports to get the pollution level

–        Drone which detects the damaged roads for renovation

–        Drone which computes the number of people at events (concert, show, demonstration)

–        Drone which takes pictures of manufactures for marketing

–        Drone which spreads fertilizer on fields

–        Drone which can detect fire starts or dry zones

–        Drone which detects intruders in a forbidden zone (house, manufacture, silo)

–        Drone which controls speed limits on the roads

–        Drone which detects intrusion in your house during your summer holidays

–        Drone which computes the pollen level in the air for allergic people

–        Drone which computes the temperature over large fields (corn, wheat, vines, etc) and gives alert when temperature is too low and there’s a risk of frost

–        Drone which measures the length of traffic jams and give the time lost

–        Drone which computes the number of cars which stops at certain points to get statistics over commercials areas (eg: restaurants, banks, etc)

–        Drone which finds lost domestic animals thanks to a chip embarked in their necklace

–        Drone which helps the police providing security during riots

–        Drone which allows private detectors to follow people without being seen

–        Drone which helps deliver first help medicines to people stuck in avalanches

–        Drone which measures the atmospheric level to know when it’s going to rain

–        Drone which helps to secure the roads taken by armored cars by controlling streets around

–        Drone which helps driver in supermarkets to find the nearest parking place to the trolleys

–        Drone which records the UV emission of the sun over an area

–        Drone which would take images above a stadium during live football matches

–        Drone which takes live images above open air concerts

–        Drone which helps detect the energy level of a storm

–        Drone which follows firemen and detect the level of CO2

–        Drone which finds the best place to capture sun rays to optimize the energy received

–        Drone which detects the different thermal levels in a city

–        Drone which be fast at going to places after an accident

–        Drone which goes to difficult places for humans

–        Drone which delivers small packages

–        Drone which helps watch the sea levels

–        Drone which guides visitors, in an hospital for example

–        Drone which flies above the mountains to help find off track skiers

–        Drone which flies above forests to help localize wolf and bears

–        Drone which shows advertisements

–        Drone which flies along the beaches to detect sharks or help rescuers detect faraway swimmers

–        Drone which would deliver messages

–        Drone to control territorial frontiers

–        Drone helping in the education industry

–        Drone to control drug traffics

–        Drone to detect mines

–        Drone to detect gold nuggets

–        Drone which takes 3D aerial views of landscapes, bridges and monuments

–        Drone to deliver products, luxury products or confidential documents

–        Drone to monitor students on their way back home

–        Drone which computes the wind force and direction to provide surfers and sailors crucial information

–        Drone which takes pictures above the Amazonian forest

–        Drone to monitor swimmers in public pools

–        Drone which perfumes places with bad odors

–        Drone which computes the deforestation rate

–        Drone which a powerful light embedded to guide boat lost in the seas

–        Drone which leads you to the nearest parking place when you are in an overcrowded district

–        Drone which provides road and driving data

–        Drone to monitor risky industrial manufactures for the nuclear industry for example

–        Drone to detect smiling faces in the streets

–        Drone to monitor pipelines

–        Drone to identify the cracks on pipelines

–        Drone to follow the fret boats

–        Drone to find lost people in the desert

–        Drone to help detect oil & gas

–        Drone anti fog

–        Drone to detect vehicles which are not authorized to circulates

–        Drone which helps to control air trafic

–        Drone to mesure the intensity of solar rays to optimise the optimal angle for solar panels

–        Drone to record police chasing (less costly than with an helicopter)

–        Drone with an embedded sound radio

–        Drone which update maps in real time

–        Drone to improve precision of statistics of train station, airport, road transports

–        Drone which could repair other drone while flying

–        Drone which could detect cheater at exams

–        Drone to check road traffic

–        Drone to afraid birds along landing tracks in airports

–        Drone to monitor beaches, natural parks, biodiversity and mountains

–        Drone which can detect brands to make a mapping of the most widespread brands in a city

–        Drone to monitor the quality of the rails systems of a train

–        Drone to record indoor cultural and sport events

–        Drone to establish high quality pictures for google maps and tomtom and allow them to be updated more often

–        Drone to control deforestation, pollution, and climatic changes

–        Drone to replace eco-tax control systems on highways to control truck drivers

–        Drone to monitor ice melting in the south and north pole

–        Drone to evaluate the ozone layer precisely and in real time

–        Drone to expertize roofs, monuments, damages

–        Drone to deliver Pizza and Beers

–        Drone mini satellite to improve the quality of microwaves received if difficult area (GPS, TV, Radio)

–        Drone to improve satellite communications by relaying the information received

–        Drone which takes commercial pictures and videos for hotels

–        Drone which is able to go underwater

–        Drone which records multi view (Matrix style) with 8 drones all around the scene


You see, the possibilities are limitless!

So now, contact us with YOUR unique idea and we will assist you in realising your dream!